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UVA VCU Snubbed? WSVG Challenges President to NCAA Bracket Showdown

2012 March 15
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by Josh Jones

President Obama’s NCAA Bracket predicts UVA and VCU won’t make it past round of 32. Tongue firmly panted in cheek, WSVG posts a challenge.


President Obama has gone too far… or not far enough, perhaps.

The President recently crafted his 2012 NCAA men’s basketball tournament bracket. And while some Republicans criticize the President for participating, we’d like to criticize the President for his predictions. Leave the University of Virginia and Virginia Commonwealth University defeated in the round of 32? A travesty!

You can view the President’s official tournament selections on the White House Blog and even submit your own bracket in the Obama Bracket Challenge on his website.

We applaud the President for selecting the Hoos and Rams to make it past the initial round. Well done Mr. President. However, not choosing UVA and VCU to continue in the tournament is an oversight we cannot ignore. Consider UVA and VCU snubbed.

As a result, WSVG 790 am and WAMM 1230 am challenge President Obama to our NCAA Bracket Showdown! The bracket with the most correct predictions will be declared the winner.

We’re submitting our official Showdown bracket to the Obama Bracket Challenge and posting our selections side-by-side with President Obama’s here on (see below). That way you can judge for yourself and follow along while listening to tournament coverage on WSVG 790 am and WAMM 1230 am.

Incidentally, you may notice we have UVA and VCU exiting the tourney after the Sweet 16. We’re proud of UVA and VCU… but we’re not foolhardy. 🙂

So let the WSVG/WAMM vs. President Obama NCAA Bracket Showdown commence! And don’t forget to tune in for live coverage of the 2012 NCAA tournament throughout the event. Go UVA! Go VCU!

 WSVG/WAMM vs. President Obama NCAA Bracket Showdown

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