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The Delta blues created by artists such as Son House and Blind Lemon Jefferson influenced many artists, from Led Zeppelin to Eric Clapton to Bob Dylan. The Rolling Stones named themselves after a Muddy Waters tune.

Around the same time, artists such as Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter Family made music evoking folklore and heritage of the South. Dubbed “hillbilly” music, it influenced another genre of music made by Johnny Cash, John Prine, Billy Joe Shaver and more.

Robert Johnson sang about the Crossroad Blues. Meet us at the new crossroads of these two uniquely American music influences in WSVG Country, now playing every day 790 AM and on the WSVG Radio Stream by clicking the “Listen Live” link at the top right of this page.

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AM Country Heaven on 790 AM

Classics from the Statler Brothers now on 1230 AM

Classics from the Statler Brothers now on 790 AM

New music from Johnny Cash on WAMM Country

New music from Johnny Cash on WSVG Country

WSVG Country artist Jason Eady says it best in a song you can hear most every day on 790 AM.

Tired of cookie-cutter pop music on country and rock radio? Then come join us in WSVG Country on 790 AM and hear music that sounds just as good live as it does in studio.

In WSVG Country we play music that’s not faked on stage. We carefully select raw roots tracks that you won’t hear on most so-called country and rock stations anywhere. There’s no formula concocted by some corporate suit in New York City. Pass the word to your friends! “Tune to 790 AM every day and join us in AM Country Heaven.”

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AM Country Heaven
by Jason Eady

Well, they sing about Jesus, they sing about Jones
And they sing of American pride
But they’re all too damn clean, polished like stones
And they won’t sing about cheatin’ and lies

Well, I remember the days when the singers just sang
And left it all in the stories they tell
These days we’re in AM country heaven
And FM country hell

I miss the days when the women were ugly
And the men were all forty years old
Cause you had to say something for people to listen
Now they just do what they’re told

Well it’s all about idols and pretty blonde hair
And how many trucks you can sell
Out here in AM country heaven
And FM country hell

Well out on these back roads the only real truth that I know
Don’t cross the radio band
It cuts through the static like a chill in the air
It fades out then it comes back again

Well I don’t mean to sound jaded cause I know there’re plenty
Young singers who aren’t up for sale
But they’re all stuck in AM country heaven
And FM country hell

Well I knew it was over the day that I overheard
A record executive cry
“Keep it all simple, don’t get offensive
And don’t play songs in three quarter time.”

Well mister record man I hope you don’t take offense
But you’re a helluva joke I can tell
You’re the reason we’re in AM country heaven
And FM country hell

Jason Eady - AM Country Heaven

Come Celebrate With Us 10/26

It’s the party of the year coming up on Saturday October 26 at the Shenandoah County Fairgrounds in Woodstock. The Inaugural Hola Shenandoah Valley Festival kicks off at 11a with opening ceremony. Produced by the Society for Diversity in Leadership, we are seeking volunteers to help with ticketing, parking and general management. Please email if you have some hours to spare.

Last year's winner Jacob!

Last year’s winner Jacob!

WSVG is holding a Halloween costume contest at the Fest, giving away $150 in cash prizes! Every entrant gets their costume picture posted to our Facebook page. $100 for first place and $50 for second place. First and second place winners to be determined by most combined likes/comments/shares on Facebook. Announcement to be made Monday around 6p on Facebook.

Lots more fun at the Fest, too. Including a horse show and pony rides, authentic international food, Mexican folklore dancers and music all day. Hear bluegrass, salsa, mariachi music and more.

Tickets are only 5 bucks in advance. We will be selling advance tickets at Halloween on Court Square in Woodstock on day of the event from 1-2:30p – just look for the witch with the sign! In Strasburg, visit the Prava Cafe at the Strasburg Emporium.

Check out all the details:

Hola Shenandoah Valley

Making music on the CO Show

Woodstock musician Bill Vaughan talks about his new CD Songs From the Valley. Tune in to the CO Morning Show this week to hear the interview with contributor Marcy McCann.

If you missed the interview, you can listen to it here: Marcy McCann w Bill Vaughan

For more information Bill Vaughan, visit his Facebook page.

Join the Masterworks on the next CO Show

Masterworks Chorus Tryouts on September 7

On the next CO Morning Show, contributor Marcy McCann speaks to Kathy Ackerson, President of the Masterworks Chorus, based in Woodstock. To learn about the chorus and its wide variety of influences, click the play button below to hear Marcy’s interview.

Click me to play!

Kathy Ackerson Masterworks Chorus Interview

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE! To hear more audio than you heard on the air, click the play button below. You will learn about the upcoming schedule of appearances by the Masterworks Chorus, including the opening performance of the season on October 17 in Harrisonburg.

Click me to play bonus audio!

Kathy Ackerson Masterworks Season Highlights Interview

For more information on the Masterworks Chorus, click on the website link here. Tryouts for this season are September 7 at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Woodstock. To sign up, email Dr. Betty Karol Wilson using the email link here.

Eclectic music in a unique venue found only in the Shenandoah Valley

That’s the best way to describe the 48th summer season of the Shenandoah Valley Music Festival, under way this summer through September 5. The concerts are held in the village of Orkney Springs on the campus of the Shrine Mont Cathedral Shrine and Conference Center. On tomorrow’s CO Morning Show, SVMF Executive Director Dennis Lynch speaks to Marcy McCann about this year’s schedule and the history of the festival. To hear the interview, click the play button below.

Click me to play!
Marcy McCann w Dennis Lynch SVMF

Still left on this year’s concert calendar are Mary Chapin Carpenter, Cherryholmes, the Tom Cunningham Orchesta and more. Click here to see the full schedule.

Mayfest Choir Concert Preview on the CO Show

On Thursday and Friday’s CO Morning Show, contributor Marcy McCann speaks to Dr. Steven Shaner, Director of Mount Olivet United Methodist Church choir in Arlington. The choir performs at the Strasburg United Methodist Church on May 16. To hear the interview again, click the play button below.

Click me to play!
Marcy McCann w Steve Shaner Mt Olivet UMC Choir

For more information on Mount Olivet United Methodist Church, visit their website here. Learn more about the Strasburg United Methodist Church on its website here.

Mt. Olivet Choir Arlington, VA

Buddy Holly on the CO Morning Show

Morning show contributor Marcy McCann caught up with Robbie Limon, who’s opening this weekend at the Wayside Theater in The Buddy Holly Story. To hear Marcy’s interview before or after it airs, click the link below.

Marcy McCann with Robbie Limon Buddy Holly

More information on the Wayside Theater’s production of The Buddy Holly Story is here. You can check out the Robbie Limon Band’s music at their website here.

Robbie Limon as Buddy Holly

Get out of the garage and on the stage on the CO Show

On Wednesday’s CO Morning Show, our contributor Marcy McCann speaks to Gary Denick of the band Shortness of Breath. Gary discusses how the band met and some of his memorable gigs. To hear the interview before or after it airs, click the link below.

Marcy McCann with Gary Denick Shortness of Breath

For more information on the band, including a calendar of upcoming gigs, click the link to their site here.

We Are Musical Memories on the New 1230 AM

On the 50th anniversary of the premiere of The Sound of Music on Broadway, musical standards return to the radio airwaves in Winchester.  The group that owns WSVG 790 AM, Shenandoah Valley Group, launches the new 1230 AM tonight at Midnight.

Music of Your Life 1230 features legendary stars such as Pat Boone and Peter Lawrence spinning the tunes that memories are made of. 

All the classics from the originators – Sinatra, Cole, Bing, Bennett, Miller, Armstrong and more!  Plus, you’ll hear the modern interpretations of the Great American Songbook from today’s stars such as Rod Stewart, Michael Buble, Harry Connick and Diana Krall.  You’ll also hear classic music from the legendary acts of the ’70s – Diana Ross, James Taylor, Barbra Streisand and the Carpenters to name a few.  

Put it all together and you have WAMM 1230 AM where We Are Musical Memories.

Give it a listen and let us know what you think!