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High School Hoops on WSVG

Craig Orndorff

Craig Orndorff

December means the tip-off of WSVG high school basketball coverage. So mark your calendars for the first high school hoops broadcast of the season on December 4, with Stonewall Jackson Boys at Strasburg. Craig Orndorff brings you all the action live on-site. So set your phone alarm to tune in every week to 790 AM, The Talk of the Valley web stream and Freedom of Speech Radio Android app for:

12/4: Boys
– Stonewall Jackson at Strasburg
12/10: Girls – Stonewall Jackson at Strasburg
12/16: Girls – George Mason at Central
12/22: Boys – Wilson Memorial at Stonewall Jackson
12/30: Girls & Boys – Stonewall Jackson at Central
1/5: Boys – Clarke County at Strasburg
1/15: Girls – Strasburg at Central
1/21: Girls – William Monroe at Strasburg
1/27: Boys – Madison County at Central
2/5: Boys – Strasburg at Central

Then, keep it locked on 790 AM for Virginia Cavaliers basketball all season through the NCAA Tournament. WSVG is Where Shenandoah Valley Goes for the most live sports coverage.

Now Entering WAMM Country on 1230 AM

Johnny CashJohn PrineBilly Joe Shaver
The Delta blues created by artists such as Son House and Blind Lemon Jefferson influenced many artists, from Led Zeppelin to Eric Clapton to Bob Dylan. The Rolling Stones named themselves after a Muddy Waters tune.

Around the same time, artists such as Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter Family made music evoking folklore and heritage of the South. Dubbed “hillbilly” music, it influenced another genre of music made by Johnny Cash, John Prine, Billy Joe Shaver and more.

Robert Johnson sang about the Crossroad Blues. Meet us at the new crossroads of these two uniquely American music influences in WAMM Country, now playing every day 6a-8p on 1230 AM. Then at night, hear The Talk of the Valley on 1230 AM.

Now taking your music requests on 1230 AM! Just fill out the form below and we will get it on the air:


Big Ed Adds Third Hour on WSVG

Hear Ed Schultz M-F 1-4p

Hear Ed Schultz M-F 1-4p

The Big Redhead Ed Schultz is now on WSVG three hours every weekday starting at 1p. Ed is a large part of Freedom of Speech Radio on WSVG, broadcasting viewpoints from a variety of political perspectives. Ed’s unique perspective is now sandwiched around Dennis Miller 10a-1p and Herman Cain 4-7p on 790 AM and right here at using the “Listen Live” link. Then stay tuned to WSVG for libertarian perspectives from Free Talk Live 7-10p.

Christmas Season Comes Early on 1230 AM

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Let it Snow!

With the recent spate of bickering in Washington, we are taking a stand! Time to celebrate the season of ‘good will towards men’ and ‘peace on earth.’

We’re dreaming of a white Christmas here at the Talk of the Valley. So much that we are in the Christmas spirit every day for the rest of the year on our sister station WAMM 1230 AM. Now every day 6a-6p, you can hear all the great Christmas tunes over the years on 1230 AM, with the Talk of the Valley at night. So, make yourself an egg nog, sit back and relax to all your Christmas favorites on WAMM 1230 all season long.

Life is good on 1230 AM!

It's Christmas Every Day on 1230 AM

It’s Christmas Every Day on 1230 AM

Trick or Treat and Win Cash in Woodstock 10/26

Starter Kit Free from WSVG!

Starter Kit Free from WSVG!

Enter to win $150 in cash prizes at the WSVG Halloween Costume Contest this Saturday at the Shenandoah County Fairgrounds. The first 100 kids get a free WSVG Trick or Treat Starter Kit with smiling dude toy.

Come see us at the Shenandoah County Fairgrounds on Saturday October 26 as part of the Hola Shenandoah Valley Festival from 11a-6p. Tickets are only $5 in advance for adults, kids 12 and under are free. We will be selling advance tickets at Halloween on Court Square in Woodstock on day of the event from 1-2:30p – just look for the witch with the sign! In Strasburg, visit the Prava Cafe at the Strasburg Emporium.

Before or after your trip, stop by downtown Woodstock and Halloween on Court Square 10/26 from 1-2:30p. There’s plenty of action for the kids including a magic show, trick or treating, mask making, petting zoo and more. Admission is free.

Stress Free Dude

Stress Free Dude

Dennis Miller Show Now 3 Hours Every Day

Our listeners have spoken and we have acted. Effective today, you can now hear three hours of the Dennis Miller Show live every weekday on WSVG. Hear the hijinks Monday through Friday 10a-1p on 790 AM, 1230 AM and here on “Listen Live” link to the right of this page.

Dr. Joy Browne continues on WSVG every weekday from 1p-2p.

Keep your comments coming!

Dennis Miller now 10-1p on WSVG

Dennis Miller now 10a-1p on WSVG

High School Football Every Weekend

By now, you’ve hopefully heard our LIVE high school football coverage Friday nights on 790 AM, 1230 AM and But did you know that you can hear the replay every Sunday afternoon online? Just click the “LISTEN LIVE” button on the right side of this page, and you can hear the High School Football Replay online all day Sunday from 11a to Midnight. The file is ready on demand, so just click the link and away we go to hearing the game of the week.

Listen to the first airing of the High School Football Replay on 790 AM, 1230 AM and every Saturday morning at 8a.

HS Football logo

Another Big HS Football Season On Tap

Craig Orndorff

Craig Orndorff

Are you ready for some football? We here at WSVG are excited about our most comprehensive football coverage ever, making WSVG the Valley’s unquestioned leader in live football coverage. So mark your calendars for the first high school football broadcast of the season on August 30, with Strasburg at Stonewall Jackson. Craig Orndorff brings you the best match-up of the week every Friday night, with replay Saturday. So set your phone alarm to tune in every week to 790/1230 AM, The Talk of the Valley web stream and Freedom of Speech Radio Android app for:

Aug 30 Strasburg at Stonewall Jackson
Sept 6 Stonewall Jackson at Central
Sept 13 Clarke County at Stonewall Jackson
Sept 20 Spotswood at Central
Sept 27 Clarke County at Strasburg
Oct 11 George Mason at Strasburg
Oct 18 Buffalo Gap at Stonewall Jackson
Oct 25 Warren County at Central
Nov 1 Luray at Stonewall Jackson
Nov 8 Central at Strasburg
Nov 15 Playoffs – TBA

Then, keep it locked on 790 AM and 1230 AM for Virginia Cavaliers football on Saturdays, NFL triple-headers every Sunday and Monday Night Football all season long. WSVG is Where Shenandoah Valley Goes for the most live football coverage.

Foster Growth in the Hispanic Community

As you may know, WSVG devotes every Saturday from 10a-11:45a to Spanish language content from Daniel Guerrero, Abel Castro and Carlos Martinez. Working with these folks has been rewarding, and with desire to expand this content to serve the area Hispanic community, WSVG has partnered with Business Management and Operations Consulting and La Voz Latina newspaper.

The Society of American and Latino Entrepreneurs (SALE) is a group of business owners and individuals interested in engaging the Hispanic market in the Shenandoah Valley.

SALE holds its inaugural meeting at 2 pm Saturday July 27, at Las Trancas Restaurant in Woodstock for all interested in listening or participating.

There’s no cost, so come network with the area’s fastest growing demographic. More information on the event and the group can be found here: SALE Flyer_Final.

Jim JonesI look forward to seeing you there.

Jim Jones
WAMM 1230 AM

Freedom of Speech Radio Explained

WSVG is Where Shenandoah Valley Goes for balanced talk from all sides. We are receiving a lot of feedback (both positive and negative) on Monday’s addition of the Ed Schultz Show weekdays 2p-4p on 790, 1230 and

You see, true freedom involves the free and full exchange of all viewpoints.

So, Ed Schultz, former conservative turned liberal talker, joins Dennis Miller, former liberal turned conservative talker on WSVG. Add to that the Libertarian viewpoints of Mark and Ian on Free Talk Live every night 7p-10p, and Alex Jones’ Info Wars weekday mornings 3a-5a, and WSVG provides one of the most diverse talk lineups in the world.

So, keep your feedback coming, and stay tuned for true Freedom Radio, where information is exchanged freely in the true spirit of the American way.

Ed Schultz joins Dennis Miller for talk from all sides on WSVG